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Fashion vs. Style

I recently got a new computer so I’ve had the opportunity to go through a LOT of photos of my floral designs. It’s always so fun to see the different trends come and go & to take a little trip down memory lane. One of my most favorite quotes is “Fashion fades, only style remains the same”. Thank you, Coco Chanel, for that one!

Well, yesterday (Friday) got away from me and I meant to share a few more photos from this shoot I did, what seems like ages ago! I mean, isn’t that what Fridays are for?? A time when you can really dive into your archive, hence the popular #flashbackfriday I am still so in love with this shoot! Now that bright pink wool wrap on that bouquet may have been trendy (FASHIONABLE) then, but the traditional way these spring blooms are designed is simply timeless (STYLISH). It’s definitely something to think about when you are planning those floral details for your wedding day!

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